Fully Automatic Micro Hardness Tester CLEMEX CMT

The most practical, robost true Automatic Micro Hardness Tester in the market. Clemex CMT can make the Case Depth measurement or hardness profile study automatic hence increasing throughput and accuracy. This system travels to the location of sample at an accuracy of less than 1 micro, it indents, then makes auto focusing and measures the indent, same time it plots the hardness graph and based on the cut off value calculates the case depth value. Also you can position the indent very precisely at the phase to evaluate the microstructure phases and many more. The user friendly system makes the system simple to operate and very practical. Clemex CMT is one of the very few practical Automatic Micro Hardness Tester available in the market.


Load Range: 5 gm to 1 kg, 1 gm to 2kg, 1 gm to 3 Kg.