Image Capturing and Measurement System

If you need to capture an high resolution image from a microscope, Clemex Captiva is the most preffered solution. Clemex Captiva controls the camera to get optimized camera condition for the sample under observation, The multi Layer Grab ( Extended Depth of Focus ) helps seamlessly capture a perfectly focused image from an un even surface, Large samples can be captured at high magnification by Seamless Image Stitching option.
All captured images are corrected for illumination uniformity and calibrated and displayed with a scale mark. You can do direct measurement ( linear measurement ) and reports with statistics. Non Destructive annotations to present your image as you need.


Wide ranger of Clemex Cameras, Monochrome to Colour, USB 2 and USB 3 High Speed cameras, Low light Cameras etc. Write to us to select the right camera for your application.