Video Measuring Systems

Aiming for new heights, Nikon offers the ultimate in usability for a wide variety of measuring applications with large FOV, long XYZ stroke iNEXIV VMA Series. Nikon CNC Video measuring system iNEXIV VMA automatically measures various components, such as mechanical, plastic injection mould, electronics parts, with high accuracy and repetibility. The wide actual FOV of maximum 13mm*10mm at the lowest magnification enables easy confirmation of measurement points. In addition 73.5mm working distance objective lens are extendent 200mm Z-axis stroke allows the measurement of tall and uneven objects with the very little possibility of collision of objectives & Samples. Three models in the iNEXIV VMA series are available, each with different XY- Stroke. A touch probe version of each model is also available.

The three model are: iNEXIV VMA-2520V/2520, iNEXIV VMA-4540V/4540, iNEXIV VMA-6555V/6555