Grinding and Polishing Machine

Automatic Grinding and Polishing is the key to have accurate and reliable microstructure evaluation. Metkon's Forcipol Range of Semi Automatic Grinder Polishers are most rugged and versatile and practical solution for metallgraphic grinding and polishing. Metkon Digiprep range are most advanced Grinder Polishers, fully programable and can produce highly reliable results. Select from a wide range of Grinder Polisher and the appropriate consumable for your application which can save time and produce accurate results.

Key Features:

Single Disc, Dual Discs, Four Disc System, Central Force, Individual Force application, various sample sizes can be accepted, disc size 8" to 12".


Forcipol 1V/ 2V, Digiprep Plan, Digiprep 251 /351, Digiprep Accura, Digiprep Velox ( Fully Automatic Multi Station Grinding Polishing System ).