Field and Applications

automotive and rails

Automotive and Rails

Superior and high performance automotive solutions. User-friendly and safe to use, most automotive and rails manufacturers depend on our excellent pre-applied products. Technosys offers a wide range of quality testing solutions for the automotive as well as general industries.

Grain size, Surface Bianite, Retained Austenite %, Phase Analysis, Particle size Analysis, Coating Thickness, Weld inspections, Microstucture analysis and many more…

  • IS 3203
  • ASTM E 45 
  • IS 4163
  • JIS
  • DIN
  • ASTM E 562 
  • ISO 16232
  • IS 7754
  • ASTM E 562
  • ASTM E 2567
  • ASTM E 112
  • IS 4748
  • ASTM E 1382
  • ISO4406/4407
  • ASTM E 247 
  • IS 7739
  • IS 6396
  • ASM Handbook methods
  • Company standard and methods
  • Valid standards and methods specified by customers 
  • and many more…
Cutting Machines, Microscopes, Image analyzers, Hardness Testers,stereoscopic Microscopes, Consumables and many more….

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steel manufacturing

Steel Manufacturing

In Steel manufacturing and foundaries , The products like Rods, Metal sheets, Castings ,Billets, Booms are need to be certain that they are safe Reliable, and meet Rigorous regulatory Standards Our Metal Testing Instruments helps You to identify and asses the Characteristics of your metal parts to determine their safety. Reliability and integrity.

Microsturcture analysis, Hardness test, Gray analysis- Nodularity, flakes, Corrosion, Inclusion Rating, Decarburization, Grain size and many more……

En, ISO , ASTM , JIS, DIN, IS and Other specified Standards.

Sample prepration equipments, Hardness tester , Fully automatic Image analyser with Microscope, Clemex CIR, Tensile test by UTM, Rockwell and brinell hardness machines and many more..


welding units

Welding Units

Technosys offers the State of art instruments of the Weld testings and welder qualification service. Macro analysis is one the most inticated tests, should be correctly tested for the Safty of livelihood.

Weld penetration, Weld inspections, Porosity, Crack analysis, Load tests and many more..

EN , ISO, ASTM, MIL , API , ASME and Industry standards.

Stereoscopic Microscope , Nis element , Clemex Captiva with microscope, UTM and may more solutions.



Technosys offers various modern equipments for various cold and hot forged parts for industrial applications like power tools, conveyors, compressors and many more. Awide range for various applications like high strength and heat resistant stainless steel forgings for turbochargers, wheel hubs and spindles withstanding high impact and fatigue loads. Forged chassis systems, such as idler arms, control arm, steering knuckle, FS arms, brackets and many more.

Grain Flow, Macro surface analysis, Micro measurments, Tensile test, Fatigue test, Micro structures analysis, Micro hardness , Rockwell and brinell hardness and many more

  • IS 11371
  • IS 13015
  • ISO 5817
  • ISO 17639
  • IS 1599 
  • IS 1598
  • IS1757
  • IS 1499
ASM Handbook soecified methods
Industry standards and Other EN, ISO, ASTM, IS standards

Clemex Captiva, stereoscopic microscope, Clemex visison PE, Metallurgical microscopes, UTM, Mobiscope, Clemex CMT, RIA / VIA Hardness tester, Corrosion and many more…


aerospace and aeronautics

Aerospace and Aeronautics

Technosys Sales and services cover Sample prepration, mechanical testing, structural analysis Distructive / Non- destructive testings, Result analysis and testing reports, These are the main terms which should be handled smartly and technically by using the state of art analytical instruments.

Microstructure analysis , Marcostructure analysis, Micro-vicker hardness , Sherodization, weld microstructures, Particle contamination tests,Coating thickness / layer thickness, hardnness test and many more…

IS 1608, IS 1500,IS 1586, IS 1501, ASTM E 45, JIS, DIN, ASTM E 247,ASTM E 112, ISO 16232
Valid standards EN , ISO, ASTM and Industry methods.

Metallurgical microscope, Stereoscopic microscope, Clemex Vision PE/ Clemex Captiva image analyzer, CMT , Digital Rockwell / Brinell Hardness tester, Sample preparation equipments and many more…

tools and components

Tools and Components

Equipment for Metallurgical,metrology, inspection and quality control of dimensional features, internal flaw levels, surface characteristics and other industry specialized parameters. Also we covers the range of testing instruments for electrical components.

Rockwell/ brinell hardness, Electrical circuits lead flow, Particle size anaysis, Dimensional measurnets, Tensile test etc..

EN , IS, ISO, ASTM, ASME, GDSN, Industry standards and many more….

Profile projectors, Video measuring microscopes, Rockwell / Brinell Hardness tester, Image analyser with Microscopes and many more..




Analytical instruments for Pharmaceutical analysis which involves a series of process for identification, determination, quantifaction, purification of substances, seperation of components. Classification of particles as macro(0.1g or more), semi micro(0.01 to 0.1 g), micro (0.001 to 0.01 g). we provide the instruments for instrumental methods, Biological and microbiological methods.

Particle contamination tests, Particle count , Solubility of mixtures, weight analysis and many more..

  •  USP 788 Particulate Matter in Injections 
  • IEST STD CC1246D Clean Room Cleanliness 
  • Industry standards and many more…

Clemex vision PE image analyzer , Microscopes, Clemex powder disperser.

research and education

Research and Education

Technosys Cater to our Client's requirments by providing our quality certified services and instruments. Research & Development as well as Educational Institutions are our main concern who provides us new inventions and indirectly we helps them by adding the new featured instruments for their research or educational purposes.

Mechanical tests, Metalographic tests, Metallurgical tests, Geological tests , Corrosion, Particle contamination tests, Dimensional measurments , Particle sizing and many more..

EN, ISO, IS, ASTM, ASME, USP , and many national and international standards...

Sample prepration equipments - Cutting machine , mounting machine, grinding and polishing machine, Microscopes - Upright / Inverted, Image Analyzer - Clemex Vision PE / Captiva/ PSA / Vision lite, Hardness testers - Rockwell / Brinell / Micro vickers/ knoop , Dimensional measurment equipments- Profile projectors, Video measuring microscopes and many more…