A wide range of State-of-the art Metallography instruments available with us.


Cutting Machines

Technosys provides a better cutting solution means good start of sample prepration from Metkon.(Abrasive Cutting, Precision Cutting, Geological Sample Cutting). Cutting solutions for materials like Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals, Hard materials like Carbides, Ceramics, other engineering materials like PCB, Polymers, Rubber, Electronic Components, Coatings, Platings, Nitriding layers etc. The selection of right cutting wheels ensure freedom from burn and distortion and is the best way to save time and consumables.Technosys having lots of varites and options of cutting machines based on applications, size of samples and size of cut and really its very easy to operate.
Precision Cutting Machnine

Precision Cutting Machnine

For cutting critical samples with lessor deformation Presi offers a wide range of precision cutting machine. Suitable for cutting very small to very hard material, thin samples and critical samples like glass, ceramic, coated samples, carbides, coatings etc… control all cutting parameters through LCD touch panel.

Key features: 
  • Automatic / Manual
  • Auto / Manual Conrtrol of : X, Y, Z axis Options suite your application
  • Stage feed accuracy - 1u
  • Cut offwheel size : Ø 100 mm to Ø 250mm
  • Laser Cutting Alingments
  • Rotation speed : 0 to 5000 RPM ( Select Options on models and application )
  • Control interface : PLC Controlled with HMI user interface,
  • Lubrication- cooling : integrated capacity 2.5 L (Recirculating pump)
  • Pulse cutting , Cup grinding 
  • Completely Programable system for repeatable results, 
  • Efficient Re-Circulating Coolant System,
  • Superior Cutting Surface,
  • Capable of cutting soft to very hard materials.

Options: Micracut 152 / Micracut 202
Abrassive Cutting Machine

Abrassive Cutting Machine

A manual or automated abrasive cut-off machine powerful, robust and reliable cut-off wheels employing the latest technologies to ensure, ease of use and simplified maintenance. This new machine - perfect for workshops - combines sturdiness and ease of use. Its programming guarantees cut repeatability. For ergonomic reasons, it is equipped with a motorised hood and a touchscreen, making the man-machine interface easier.

Available Models: Metacut 302, Servocut 302/402 /502/602.

Key features:
  • Automatic / manual
  • Power : 7500 W
  • Cutting Disc : 200mm upto 600mm Ø(Resinoid and diamond)
  • Laser Cutting Alingments
  • 3 Axis Controlled Fully Automatic Cutting Machines
  • circulating coolant tank
  • Can cut : - 100 to 700 HV
  • Completely Programable system for repeatable results, 
  • Capable of cutting soft to very hard materials with correct selection of cutting wheels.

Options: Servocut 302/402/502/602 , Metacut - 302
Hot Mounting Machine

Hot Mounting Machine

Technosys presents a fully automated hot mounting press from METKON. To achieve better accuracy in measurement from a Microhardness tester or to get superior microsctructure from microscope by Automatic Polishing process, it is important to have a good and reliable Hot Mounting Press.Completely auotmatic and programmable feature can accommodate most type of mounting compounds. Metkon Ecopress range of Hot Mounting Press can produce most compact and reliable mould for better edge retaintion, leveling.

Key Features:
  • Capable of producing 2 to 4 moulds in one go.
  • Various mould sizes from 25 - 50mm or 1" to 2"
  • Sort Cycle Time
  • Automatic Moulding Cycle

Options: Ecopress 52 / 102 / 202 , Cold Mounting : Vacumet
Grinding and Poilishing Machnine

Grinding and Polishing Machnine

Automatic Grinding and Polishing is the key to have accurate and reliable microstructure evaluation. Metkon's Forcipol Range of Semi Automatic Grinder Polishers are most rugged and versatile and practical solution for metallgraphic grinding and polishing for metallographic grinding and polishing. Select from a wide range of Grinder Polisher and the appropriate consumable for your application which can save time and produce accurate results. Metkon Products are most advanced Grinder Polishers, fully programable and can produce highly reliable results.

Key Features:
  • Single Disc, Dual Discs, Four Disc System : Automatic / Manual /Fully Automatic
  • various sample sizes can be accepted : 25 - 50mm or 1" to 2"
  • Disc size  : 8" to 12".

Options: Forcipol 102/202 - Forcimat 52/102 , Digiprep- Forci Plan, Digiprep Accura 102,Velox 402 ( Fully Automatic Multi Station Grinding Polishing System ).

In-Situ Metallography

We can offer a comprehensive range of In-Situ Metallography package or your portable metallography kit from Metkon which includes the portable Grinder / Polisher with Electrolytic Etching, Portable Microscope with or without image capture options and Image Analysis options. Also available other important consumables like replica kit etc..

Mobiprep, Mobiscope.

Mobiscope Portable microscope

Mobiscope Portable microscope
Metallography Consumables

Metallography Consumables

We can offer a wide range of very high standard metallographic consumables from Metkon which can perfectly fit to all Metkon machines as well machines of other manufacturers to produce accurate and reliable results. We can also provide technical assistance for selection of right consumables and its usage based on your samples and applications.

Abrasive Cutting Wheels, Diamond and CBN Cutting Wheels - For Hard and soft material
Hot Mounting Compounds - Phenolic, Epoxy, Acrylic, DAP, Conductive etc..
SiC Grinding Papers - Plain, Adhesive, Magnetic, Catchy
Diamond Grinding Discs of various grit size -54μ , 18μ,  6μ etc………..
Polishing Cloth - 6μ, 3μ, 1μ ,Self Adhesive, Magnetic, Catchy etc……
Diamond (Paste, Suspension), Alumina (Powder, Suspension), Oxides, Lubricants, Coolants etc.
and Many more…….