Measuring Instruments

A careful Measurment analysis gives the better finishing and result.Try with us….

Measuring Microscopes

Measuring Microscopes

A new and innovative series is the measuring microscope system offering versatility, high-reliability and exceptional level of precision and durability. Features to meet every measuring need are packed in the lineup.

Key features :
  • seamless intregation with nikon digital camera and E-Max metrology software
  • high intensity with LED illumination is use for bright field use,
  • facililates automation illumination, X-Y stage
  • Z data control through a extrenal computer running E-max Software
  • larger workpiece measuring - 12"*8" stage

The models available: MM-200, MM-400, MM-800
Profile Projectors

Profile Projectors

Technosys offering our customers an excellent quality range of Video Profile Projector at most competitive price.

  • 2D & linear measurement
  • Travel: 250x150x150mm
  • Straight and angular probes
  •  5-500X, high precision stages 
  • 0.5 micron resolution
  • high contrast and crisp images, Episcopic Diascopic, & Contour illumination
  • 600mm, 500mm & 305mm effictive screen dia..
  • The models are: V-20B, V-12B
Video Measuring System

Video Measuring System

Technosys offers the video measuring system which is designed for non contact measurement and inspections with intricated features. Aiming for new heights, Nikon offers the ultimate in usability for a wide variety of measuring applications with large FOV, long XYZ stroke iNEXIV VMA Series. Designed to meet demanding manufacturing requirements with automated measurements of mechanical parts, electronic devices, dies & molds and medical devices.

Features :
  • Easy and accurate measurements optimized for 3D parts
  • Long working distance - 73.5mm
  • Powerful VMA AutoMeasure software
  • High-speed, highly-accurate Laser AF
  • High-speed, highly-accurate Laser AF

Magnification ---- Optical: 0.35 to 3.5x
XY MPEE1: 2+8L/1000 µm 
XY MPEE2: 3+8L/1000 µm
Z MPEE1: 3+L/50 µm
and many more …..

The three model are: iNEXIV VMA-2520V/2520, iNEXIV VMA-4540V/4540, iNEXIV VMA-6555V/6555